​​The Group

Grupo Liquidificador is a theater company born and raized in Brazil's capital.  

Grupo Liquidificador was born in UnB, when eight friends found themselves wanting to produce and think about theatre in the capital of Brazil. The first mixture began unassumingly, carrying the baggage of the founding members, who were either recently graduated or still graduates of Performing Arts, Arts Education, Letters and Visual Arts.


Currently it consists of Fernando Carvalho, Fernanda Alpino, Iza Cavanellas, Kael Studart and Karinne Ribeiro and it seeks dialogue with its generation when creates performances that crossover with other Arts and Medias. Photographers, artists, DJs, video-makers and writers are constantly contributing to the artistic creations of the group.


Liquidificador’s anthropophagy mixes in the same bowl romantic-comedy movies, biblical tales, distorted guitar, melodrama, tropicalism, goat milk, electricity and geology so that it can extract a single drop of a swimming pool. It does not matter. The wealth of the creations is in the way that the group goes up to reaching a scene or the argument of a play, thus creating its conceptual foundation under different theoretical and artistic perspectives and trends.


The liquified mixtures result in experimental aesthetic products that escape from the common place; they are the fruit of unexpected arrangements, mixtures and mixes. The group calls that punk pop smoothie. The group’s first play, “A Cartomante”, in 2010, put the 1884 writing of Machado de Assis in a ring of flamenco and melodrama elements plus pop and gipsy culture. Its second project, “Ultra-Romântico”, in 2012, was a play-party that turned an abandoned underground downtown into a 21st century tavern in the free adaptation done by the group of the book “Noite da Taverna”, by Álvares de Azevedo. The third play, “Aquário”, in 2014, is the first work by the group that is signed by a guest director: Ana Flávia Garcia. Alongside the cast, she too signs the dramaturgy that begins with the entrance of the audience into an, apparently, ordinary house.


Regardless of the city it is in, Grupo Liquidificador enjoys the cinematic colors, sharp humor and cheesy drama. The five actors/creators seek to blend a poetic lightness, which does not have too much poetry, with an unfortunate reality that can make you laugh.

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